Christmas Gifts!

Birch Christmas Coasters! 

set of 4-$20

2 sets of 4 – $30. 🙂 

Christmas CharcuTREES! $60 

10×20 inches w/ food safe milk paint. 

Makes for a great treat board! 

Meet Sean

Sean here, sporting my 1st Sean’s Wood shipment. 🙂

I’m actually a trained actor and did that for many a year and wrote and produced a few things as well. I’ll probably do some of that again someday.

After Covid hit, many of us had to re-think things. Reinvent ourselves. Luckily I am handy and went for it with Sean’s Wood! 

I’m learning and growing. 🙂

Thank you to everyone for supporting Sean’s Wood! Let’s create some things and have fun doing it. 

Sean Carthew

Our Latest Products

Hardwood Hearts

Sean has a Heart after all. 

This hardwood Heart has been a big hit. Who doesn’t want a heart shaped charcuterie board 🙂

16x 12 inches long. Unique and made of hardwood. 


Meet Woody! A Hard Wood made of cherry. 🙂 Finished with food grade beaver oil.

People Just Can't Get Enough of Sean's Wood!

“It’s bigger and more wonderful than I expected. “


“I’m in Love with it! Literally!”



Sean's Wood

Custom Charcuterie Boards

Shamrock Boards!
Here Kitty Kitty!
Cherry Hearts
Easter Boards
Custom Letter Boards
Autsim Puzzle Piece Board
Adirondack Chairs!
These Ploughman Lunch boards went to a local restaurant 🙂
Planter Boxes!
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